Kamojang Garut Crater, Artificial Crater with Natural Sauna Enchantment

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Kamojang Garut Crater, Artificial Crater with Natural Sauna Enchantment
Kamojang Garut Crater, Artificial Crater with Natural Sauna Enchantment - PINTEREST

GARUT, MATAPANGANDARAN-Kamojang Crater is a geothermal resource in West Java, Indonesia.

Historically, it was known as a volcano called Mount Guntur, but this crater is classified as an active volcano due to geothermal activity.

Kamojang Crater is also an alternative natural tourist spot in Garut.
It is located right on the border of Garut-Bandung Regency and is in the geothermal area of ​​PLTU Kamojang.

Therefore, it is not surprising that this area has a natural source of geothermal steam which is used as a source of power generation by PLTU Kamojang.

There is also a crater tour that can be visited here. If you visit the Sampireun village or the situhapa rose garden, you can all visit this place.

In the tourist area of ​​​​Kamojang Garut crater, you can enjoy several craters that are quite unique.
It is called unique because it is different from the crater in general.

Usually, the so-called crater is a former volcanic eruption. Meanwhile, here, the crater is in the form of extrusion of earth steam, and also a kind of geothermal steam output.

So there is no form of a mountain crater in general. However, the place is pretty cool, you know, the surrounding atmosphere is still natural and fresh.

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Usually, tourists come to visit several areas such as crater manuk.

This crater is located right on the side of the road and you can immediately see it when you visit here.

The location of this crater is before the entrance to the Kamojang Garut area. You do not need to pay an entrance ticket to see this crater.

Be careful not to enter the crater area. Although it often looks dry, the mud underneath is still quite foot-tapping and hot too.

In the prime location, there are two craters that we can see. The first is the railway crater.

So-called because this crater emits a whistling sound similar to the sound of a train, which comes from the pressure of geothermal steam.

The railway crater is actually the former excavation of the first geothermal steam made in the Dutch era.
Until now, this drilled well still emits geothermal steam with the super loud sound.

In addition to the train crater, colleagues can also take a steam bath in the rain crater.
Steam here is said to be believed to cure various skin diseases.

Here, geothermal steam escapes from the ground in large quantities which is suitable as a natural sauna.NN

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