Green Sabin Purbalingga, Tourist Destination with Rice Fields

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Green Sabin Purbalingga, Tourist Destination with Rice Fields
Green Sabin Purbalingga, Tourist Destination with Rice Fields - youtube

MATAPANGANDARAN- Purbalingga has the most fun place to enjoy a tour with a rural feel called Green Sabin.

Green Sabin is a place that presents the beauty of rural charm with an agricultural concept with some enchanting photo spots.

Apart from having some amazing photo spots for you lovers of portraits and hunting, this place also presents places that must be explored.
Another photo spot can be found on the other side. There are photo spots for sailboats and rows of small tables and chairs, plus decorative chandeliers, perfect for taking aesthetic photos.

The prima donna photo spot in Green Sabin tourism is the long suspension bridge that connects the floating bale house with the edge of a large pool. At night this suspension bridge will be more beautiful with decorative lights.

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Bale Pasamuan

In the middle of the pool there is a building called bale pasamuan, the building is made of bamboo with a cap-shaped roof. used for reservation of places such as meetings and gatherings. Visitors are also allowed to stop by to enjoy the green Sabin atmosphere
If you feel hungry, you don't have to worry because this place also provides a buffet-style restaurant with a delicious traditional menu.

Green Sabin Ticket Prices

The green Sabin ticket price itself is only priced at Rp. 20,000 and you already get a drink and enjoy the Green Sabin atmosphere

LOCATION Green Sabin

Green Sabin is located in Purbalingga City, precisely in Cipaku Village, Mrebet District, Purbalingga Regency, Central Java. The location is from Purbalingga Terminal about 13 km.

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